The Halesworth Millennium Green was created in 2000 from 32 acres of grazing marsh in the flood plains of the River Blyth and the Town River and is situated just downstream to the east of the centre of Halesworth.

A Trust was set up to manage the Green on behalf of the Community and their object is:

..to provide and maintain an open space to be used forever as an area for leisure and enjoyment where people can enjoy nature and wildlife at first hand

Since the original purchase further land has been added and the Millennium Green is now composed of six meadows an area of old sand and gravel quarries and a length of the old Southwold Railway Line totalling over 50 acres (20 hectares).

Apart from the Town River and the River Blyth the New Reach also runs through the Green. This was a canal dug as part of the Blyth River Navigation in 1761 to bring wherries from Blythburgh

to the town Quay. One section is maintained at somewhere near its original water level

Much of the meadow land is subject to periodic winter flooding and grazed by cattle in summer. There are many fine trees, including alder and willow. Some areas are left unmanaged and the most flower rich areas are managed as a late summer hay cut.

There are access points on foot from different parts of the Town but in the winter many of the paths get quite muddy.

Water voles are still to be seen and otters frequently pass through. The barn owl hunts over the meadows at dusk and the kingfisher and grey wagtail breed on the waterways.

Management is designed to maintain and improve access and to conserve wildlife and historic features.

Volunteer conservation work parties are held on the Millennium Green and in the Folly on the second Sunday in the month from 10am to 1pm when work such as path clearance, tree planting, and hay raking is undertaken. Tools and gloves are provided and there is always a sociable coffee break midway. Everyone welcome.

For more information about the Millennium Green and the working parties telephone Judith Woolnough 01986 872268 or email thegreen@halesworth.net


The Green is governed by theTrustees of the Halesworth Millennium Green Trust which is a registered charity (Charity No. 1079518). Details of the Trust Deed and the Trustees can be found in the The Trust section