Two Acres (1 hectare) is a low lying meadow at the end of Swan Lane next to the impressive Six Arches, the railway bridge spanning the River Blyth. It was summer grazed by cattle until purchased by Sustrans to facilitate a new route for National Route 1 part of the National Cycle Network which now runs through the meadow. Part of it has now been planted with a copse of poplar and willow to screen the sewage works and the remainder is occasionally cut. Slow worm and harvest mouse are here, as well as meadow rue alongside the railway.
The all weather track gives access through Six Arches to Blyth Meadow and under the Arch is a great place for a bellow before going into Blyth Meadow through the kissing gate. In a southerly direction the track crosses the River Blyth and then runs up the side of the railway coming out onto the Wenhaston/Walpole Road at Mells Crossing. A Public Footpath continues across the meadow from the end of Swan Lane and after crossing the River Blyth and passing under one of the arches it continues on to Mells and Wenhaston. Path improvements were carried out during winter 2015/2016 to link Swan Lane to the all weather track.