The Trust’s history from 1997

The Environment Group was formed from the Vision for Halesworth conference held in November 1997 and it was agreed “Its one priority was to pursue the purchase of 35 acres of grazing marsh behind the Folly as public open space”

A year later exhibitions and information were displayed in the Library and an empty shop in the Town Centre and a questionnaire was distributed via the Community News – 500 of these were returned with only 2 people in opposition

In 1999 the Holden Brothers of Harleston agreed to sell their 14 hectares of grazing marsh for £80,000, funding was sought and four members of the Environment Group agreed to form a Trust with Arthur Forrester as chair.

In 2000 Charitable status was received and a Business Plan was produced.

It was agreed the total cost of the project would be £130,000 to include for fencing; culverts, bridges and ditching; pollarding willows; information boards, leaflets and waymarking; work on New Reach and Halesworth Lock.

Funding was received from –

European Regional Development Fund East Anglia Objective 5b                  £65,000

Suffolk Environment Trust – Landfill Tax                                                                 £20,000

Waveney District Council                                                                                              £3,000

Suffolk County Council                                                                                                   £6,500

Halesworth Town Council                                                                                             ?

The Countryside Agency Millennium Greens (Lottery Funding)                    £22,000

Halesworth Community Council                                                                                 £3,000

To be continued ….


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