The Halesworth Millennium Green Trust was set up in 2000 to work on behalf of the community to manage land bought with financial support from a wide range of organisations including the European Union, the Countryside Agency, Suffolk County Council, Landfill Tax Credits and the local community.

Click here to open a picture-biography of Richard Woolnough who made the Green happen

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The Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) run by volunteer trustees.

The Green’s objectives are to:

  • Make a substantial contribution to the life of the whole community
  • Be able to be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities
  • Be open and evident to visitors to the locality as well as inhabitants
  • Be an attractive place for people to take air and exercise, meet others and pursue leisure activities and pastimes consistent with shared enjoyment of the whole of the land
  • Include an area suitable for community events and activities and celebrations
  • Include significant “nature” areas where people can enjoy nature and wildlife at first hand
  • Make a positive contribution to the local environment and respect the established character of the area
  • Remain safely and conveniently accessible from inhabitants’ homes

There is a legal document (the Trust Deed) which governs how the trust is run.
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and here to see information we send to the Charity Commission.
Our registered charity number is 1202703.

The accounts are publicly available, and so are the notes from the Trustees’ meetings.

The work on the Green is done according to an agreed Management Plan which has links to all our policy and operational documents.

Our policies and operational documents are also online here.